T5 2.5 Ton Standard Pallet Jack

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Dimensions: Outer edge to outer edge fork width: 27"; inner edge to inner edge fork width: 14.5"; length from base to tip of fork: 48"; neck/handle length: 34"; 210 degree turn radius
This pallet jack is designed to work best on all standard US pallets. Weight Capacity: The pallet jack can lift and move up to a massive 5500 lbs of weight.

Parts and service: Titan pallet jacks are designed for easy service. All parts and accessories are available nationwide right here at PalletsontheGo.com.

Sure-Grip, No-Slip Handles: These Titan padded handles have been designed to allow comfortable, ergonomic operation all day without stress or slipping. This makes steering/using the pallet easier and less cumbersome. (Note: Brake models have a second lever)

Double Reinforced Pivot System: Ensures extra strength at the base of the handle with a double-reinforced spring pivot system built in. This is the area that endures the most force during normal operation and most pallet jacks are not equipped to handle the daily strain of consistent use over the course of many years. Titan ensures quality and long life with durable construction.

Zerk Grease Fittings: All pivots are equipped with zerk grease fittings to keep the pallet jack running smoothly and without a hitch. Use a standard grease gun to add lubrication to pallet jack joints. Most other pallet jacks require disassembly to maintain them, reducing the productive management of workers' time.

Handle Release System Trigger: Made with heavy-gauged chain instead of cables, the Titan design ensures life-long usage. Cables can often come undone from their fittings, wear out quickly, and are a pain to replace, but the Titan chain will last the life of the pallet jack.

Front 3-Wheel System: The front 3 wheels are designed to make it easier for maneuvering into standard pallets. These pallet jacks will easily move into and out of pallets because of their trailing and leading wheels designed to glide over pallet footing boards and position the main lifting wheels for less stress and smoother operation.

Low Friction ABS Wheels: The wheels are constructed of low friction hardened plastic. The firm surface of the wheel performs two functions. One is allowing the use of less force because of the lack of rubber or tread; this virtually eliminates friction, allowing heavy loads to be moved with drastically less force. Anyone who has tried moving a full heavy loaded pallet before knows most pallet jacks require ergonomically improper posture, like leaning into the load, while slopes are practically out of the question. Titan pallet jacks make moving loads so much easier and cut down on energy loss spent moving the pallets throughout the day. The other function of the low friction tires is the elimination of scuff marks. It is possible to use the Titan pallet jack on showroom floors, waxed floors and other surfaces that should be maintained in display quality. This allows movement of merchandise more efficiently to its final location without the damaging effects other pallet jacks will have on the floor.

Extended Ergonomic Neck: Long handle so the operator doesn't have to slouch to use the pallet jack. Old style pallet jacks never had long enough handles for a good ergonomic walking position; hence the phrase, "back breaking".

Tough Polyester Powder Coating: Each Titan Pallet jack is coated with a tough, thick layer of polyester for lasting beauty and long life. This essential coating protects all parts of the jack from corrosion. Titan even coats parts that are not normally coated by other manufactures including hidden lifting mechanisms, the pump body and handles.

Secondary Release Pedal: A release pedal is located on the pivot next to the spring. This allows the operator to step on the pedal and release the load if his/her hands are not free, or if the handle is in a hard-to-reach position.

3 Position Handle Release:It has a position for lifting, dropping and neutral travel. Many other manufacturers leave out the neutral, and then when the jack is being pulled or pushed, the fluctuations in the position of the handle will either raise or lower the load unexpectedly. Titan believes this function is essential for safety in the workplace.

Flexible Pivot: The pulley can pivot over 210 degrees, making Titan Jacks the easiest to steer more accurately. Turning in tight spaces and turning on a dime are a necessity in a crowded warehouse, and Titan solves the problem.