ISO 9000

ISO9000 Compliant

At Titan, we understand that safety is the number priority of any workspace. With this in mind, we have included a number of safety measures in our pallet jacks, which allows them to offer the safest operation possible.

One of the simplest adjustments we have made is the extended ergonomic neck. This feature is often overlooked by other manufacturers, but it is one of the most important measures we have included. The extended ergonomic neck allows the pallet jack to be used without straining the operator's back. By allowing the operator to use a more ergonomic, natural standing position during operation, our pallet jacks can reduce the occurrence of repetitive motion injuries and back strain.

Another safety consideration we have made is the tire choice for each individual model. Models that require a better grip, such as the braking model, use our sure-grip traction wheels so control over the pallet jack's acceleration and deceleration is more precise. This reduces the chances of accidents by allowing the operator to maintain control over the pallet jack. For our other models, we use our low friction abs wheels. Again, this is done for the purpose of providing the most ergonomic design to protect the operator from excessive strain and injuries over time.

Similarly, we have designed many of our pallet jacks with sure grip, no slip handles to ensure the most secure grip on the pallet jack. This allows better maneuvering, but more importantly, it prevents accidents from slipped grips. Warehouse employees often work hard, labor heavy jobs, and sweaty hands need the more secure grip.

Likewise, we have designed our brake system pallet jack specifically to provide the safest, most reliable equipment for any docks or work areas with angled flooring. Angled flooring can make maneuvering and controlling a front-weighted pallet jack difficult and dangerous, with the potential to harm the operator and bystanders. Our braking system ensures easy, controlled operation to prevent such accidents and to make operation less strenuous for the user.

Finally, our facilities are ISO 9000 compliant. ISO 9000 standards are international benchmarks used to determine the quality and safety of products produced in a factory. The standards must be met for the production of every kind of item produced in that factory. Other standards may apply only to the finished products manufactured in a factory, so this set of standards is more rigorous and ensures a higher quality product. Consumers can be confident that the product will last for many years and offer the best safety measures.

High Quality, and Safe Pallet Jacks